Dominique Wilkins Urges LeBron James to Enter the NBA Dunk Contest

by March 13, 2012

Like most hoop fans, the Human Highlight Film would like to see LeBron in the Dunk Contest. But as the years fly by, James doesn’t sound like he’ll ever do it. From Fox Sports: “I’d love to see him do it,’ Wilkins said. ‘I think he would win it. I really do.’ Wilkins entered five times in an era when all the top guys regularly showed up. He won in 1985 and 1990 while starring for Atlanta. ‘Any compliment I can get from a great, especially like Dominique, is very humbling, just knowing what he meant to this league,’ James said. ‘He was an unbelievable talent, and he’s a great guy, too. I’ve had an opportunity to sit and talk to him a few times. It’s very humbling.’ But Wilkins’ praise doesn’t mean James, who bypassed the event for the ninth time in his nine NBA seasons last month in Orlando, has any newfound desire to try it. ‘I don’t know,’ James, 27, said. ‘We’ll see. I’m getting older. I’m not getting younger.’ […] ‘I think it’s disappointing that all the great players that have athleticism don’t get in it,’ said Wilkins. ‘For whatever reason, there’s so much going on that weekend, for whatever reason guys just don’t to do it anymore … I’d like to see Josh Smith (who won in 2005 for the Hawks) get back in it.’ And, yes, Wilkins wants to see James do it just once. ‘That’s something you got want to do or you don’t want to do,’ Wilkins said. ‘I would love to see him it, but, if he chooses not to, that’s him. It doesn’t change who he is if he doesn’t do it. I did it for the fun, for the fans. I don’t think it matters if you win or lose. Just doing it and getting in it for the fans, that’s what matters. I was in it five times, and I won three.'”