Don’t Talk to Andre Miller About His Age

by March 18, 2010

The guy gets a little testy when the subject is brought up, as S.I. recently found out: “Andre Miller did not appreciate the question. Did the 76ers let him go because of his age? ‘Nope,’ the 33-year-old point guard said. Then why did they not re-sign him last summer? ‘I just don’t think they had the money,’ said Miller, who then shifted into a complaint about ageism in general. ‘Steve Nash, he’s older, he got a nice deal. Jason Kidd, he got a nice extension — and they’re both older than me. Nobody ever talks about Chauncey Billups [33] around the same age as me, or Jason Terry [32]. Baron [Davis, who will be 31 next month] is creeping up there behind me. ‘There are a lot of older guards. I don’t know why they continue to talk about my age when I don’t play at my age. I guess they don’t have anything else to talk about.”‘