Doug Collins Unconcerned About Andrew Bynum’s Maturity

by September 14, 2012

Andrew Bynum pulled off many hilarious (albeit wildly immature) stunts during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, but his new coach in Philly says that he’s not worried. In fact, Sixers’ bench boss Doug Collins claims to enjoy Bynum’s sense of humor. Riiiiight. Per the Philly Daily News: “Q: What is your concern level with the things that have been said about Bynum’s sometimes lack of maturity? DC: ‘I have zero concern. One thing is I never judge a man from a distance. Sometimes people want to pull out one or two things … but you could pull out things on all the great players in the NBA. Andrew is an incredibly well-spoken young guy. He’s articulate, he’s bright, he’s smart and he knows the game. I think he’s happy to be home. He just got a place in the suburbs here and said he loves being here on the East Coast. I think he views this as a great opportunity to be viewed as a central figure on a team every single night that’s going to count on him. I think he views this as a step in his career where he really has a chance to show what he’s all about. He’s got a good sense of humor. I feel really good about him.'”