‘Dre Miller’s Reaction to 52-Pt Game: Yawn

by February 01, 2010

Someone should double-check, just to be sure that dude has a pulse: “It was hard to tell what the Trail Blazers were more impressed with Saturday night: Andre Miller’s 52-point outburst in a 114-112 win at Dallas, or his reaction to it. ‘That is one dude who does not care … anything it takes to win, that’s all he cares about,’ Martell Webster marveled. ‘He came in here like nothing happened.’ ‘Yeah,’ LaMarcus Aldridge said. ‘He’s in here acting like he had 10 points. I’m like, ‘Andre, how about some emotion? How about some excitement?’ He said ‘We won.’ In a nutshell, that’s Miller. Quiet, confident, unselfish and about the team. His performance – 22-of-31 from the field, including his only three-point attempt – was amazing as it was varied.”