Dwight Howard Wants Shaq to ‘Sit Down and Get on With His Life’

Shaquille O’Neal picks on Dwight Howard whenever he gets a chance, and now that it’s his job to criticize players on national TV, the digs will obviously only get more pointed. Howard took exception to the latest criticism, and fired back. From the Orlando Sentinel (NBA.com has the full interview on video): “Magic center Dwight Howard, responding to Shaquille O’Neal saying that Andrew Bynum is the NBA’s best center, said after Friday’s shootaround that Shaq should ‘just sit down and get on with his life. What’s the point of talking trash?’ Howard said that Shaq, now a commentator for TNT and former Magic center, is just trying to get people ‘riled up.’ Shaq said earlier this week that he believes Bynum is the league’s ‘only true big man.'”