Dwyane Wade to Appeal Suspension for Kicking Ramon Sessions in the Groin

by December 30, 2012

According to Dwyane Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas, the one-game suspension (which the Miami Heat were adamantly against) he was slapped with by the NBA will be appealed. Per the Sun-Sentinel: “While Wade was forced to sit out Friday’s loss to the Detroit Pistons, with that part of the sanction not subject to appeal, Thomas said that Wade would appeal the lost wages, which are in excess of $150,000 for the missed game. ‘We are doing it on the basis that I don’t think the suspension was warranted,’ Thomas said. Thomas said the decision to appeal was made in consultation with Wade. ‘He felt that it wasn’t warranted,’ Thomas said. ‘I saw the play and I just don’t think that it was.’ Thomas is hopeful of a return of the lost wages. ‘Absolutely,’ he said. ‘The players’ association will file the appeal. The money will go in escrow and then when the hearing’s held, it’s held.’ Such reviews can take weeks or even months. Such fines or lost wages often are quietly returned to the players upon appeal.”