Flip Saunders Reportedly May Replace David Kahn as Timberwolves GM

According to the Star Tribune, David Kahn’s reign in Minnesota could soon be coming to an end. Flip Saunders, currently working as a TV analyst, is said to be angling for Kahn’s gig with the Timberwolves: “There are several indications pointing to the likelihood of former Timberwolves head coach Flip Saunders replacing David Kahn as president of basketball operations for the team before the 2013-14 season. Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor wasn’t available for comment on the subject Saturday, but he hasn’t kept it a secret that Saunders has served as a consultant for him on the basketball team during this season. It was interesting to see Taylor’s quote in Thursday’s Star Tribune about his contact with Saunders. Taylor said: ‘He’s pretty well aware of what is happening with the Timberwolves.’ And then some time ago Taylor talked about how he was in contact with Saunders for information on how to handle the many injuries the Wolves have suffered this season. And the word is that Saunders made a trip to Mankato to talk basketball with Taylor. Unless Saunders is offered a coaching job that would pay him a lot more money than he would get being the Wolves’ president of basketball operations, I think it’s a strong possibility that Saunders will replace Kahn before next season. Taylor mentioned some time ago that he considers Saunders a better judge of personnel than he is a coach. And the personnel situation with the Wolves the past two years has been a disaster. Then there is the coaching situation with Rick Adelman, who is in the second year of a five-year contract calling for a reported $6 million a year. Informed sources say that Adelman almost resigned this season when his wife became seriously ill. He missed a number of practices and games to be with his wife as she recovered and had her illness diagnosed.”