Grant Hill Says Steve Nash Being a Laker is Like Going from Duke to Carolina

by September 19, 2012

Steve Nash’s friend and former teammate in Phoenix, Grant Hill, is among those who still can’t quite believe that Nash is going to be wearing Laker purple and gold. Hill compares the surprising switcheroo to a Duke player electing to join the hated North Carolina Tar Heels. Per the AZ Republic, via KGME-AM (910): “Hill on he and Nash winding up in Los Angeles: ‘I don’t think anybody thought that either one of us would be out here in L.A.’ […] Hill on if his exit from Phoenix is bittersweet: ‘It was tough because not only did we get to the Western Conference finals but I think if you talk to anybody who was on that team, that was really just a special team, a special group of guys, a kind of bond that we had. We had talent obviously but there was a real sense of connection and togetherness on the court. And then quickly it changed.’ Hill on playing at 38 and 39 for non-playoff teams: ‘Obviously these last two years were very difficult. Because at this point, with any point, particularly at this point I know in my career, you want to be able to feel like you have a chance. We went out and competed and gave our all and had some good, hard fights and had some wins maybe the last two years that we weren’t supposed to have. But I think if you’re being objective, if we did our best, we would’ve been an eighth seed. So that’s tough. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, particularly after coming off the high we had back two years ago. It would’ve been nice to keep that core together. I understand why that didn’t happen.’ […] Hill on Nash going to the Lakers: ‘That’s like transferring from Duke and going to Carolina.'”