Greg Oden: ‘Is There Any Proof That I’m a Bust?’

by September 28, 2010

In spite of seemingly unending injury concerns, the newly focused Oden — he says he’s stopped partying and drinking so much — insists that he’s no bust. From the Oregonian: “Oden had a checkup with doctors last week and was told his knee was structurally sound. Besides one vacation to Mexico, Oden said he went through rehabilitation five days a week throughout the summer in Indianapolis, his hometown. Coaches, trainers and Cho visited him at various points, and the organization is not only pleased with his offseason work and but also still views him as a long-term championship piece. ‘No question; no question,’ McMillan said. ‘He’s a big part of this team. He’s a huge part of who we are and who we want to become.’ Perhaps he biggest dilemma facing Oden as training camp approaches is using patience and good judgment. His heart is urging him to play, but his knee — and the Blazers — are forcing him to wait until his body is 100 percent ready. Oden was adamant, however, that this restraint should not be confused for lack of desire or passion. His motivation is unyielding, he says, and Oden takes exception to those who claim he’s a bust three years and 82 games into his career. ‘Is there any proof that I’m a bust?’ Oden said. ‘All there is proof of is that I have bad luck with injuries. When I was out there on the floor, I think I did pretty good for myself. I’ve never really had enough time to play and actually improve. I think last year at the beginning of the year I did OK, started to head down that path. Unfortunately I had an injury. But I’ve prepared myself all summer to be an All Star and be as healthy as I can be and I’m going to keep doing that until I’m able to do that.'”