Guns in the NBA

Some players say they feel the need to own one (and even cite their fundamental right to do so), but I suspect that the number of firearms owned by players is higher than David Stern might like: “Reached after practice Friday, Nets guard Devin Harris shed light on a potentially frightening situation for the NBA. He estimated that as many as 75% of players in the league own guns. ‘I mean, look at the situation,’ said Harris, who added that he does not own a gun. ‘A lot of guys have been robbed. A couple of guys, God rest their souls, have passed away. I guess they feel like they need some sort of protection, I don’t know. I can’t speak for everybody. I’d say between 60 and 75% (of players own guns).’ Nets teammate Jarvis Hayes, who played with Arenas in Washington from 2003-07, agreed with Harris’ estimate – and he’s among the NBA players who pack heat. ‘Yeah, I have (a gun),’ Hayes said. ‘It’s in Atlanta, not here.”‘