IMG Basketball Training: Beginner Shooting Drills

by May 24, 2016

IMG Academy has facilitated the overall athletic development of athletes for more than 35 years. From countless NBA and international pros like Amar’e Stoudemire, Iman Shumpert, Jimmy Butler, and Maurice Harkless, to thousands of youth athletes, IMG Academy helps athletes of all ages and ability levels reach their full potential. By teaching revolutionary, innovative, and comprehensive training programs, athletes are able to improve across all areas of their game.

This training series addresses shooting and dribbling techniques for all levels of basketball athletes. These are two important skills that every player can apply to their game and also the two skills that make NBA stars like Stephen Curry unstoppable! Visit SLAM every Tuesday to check out a new drill, from beginner to advanced, to take your game to the next level.

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Beginner #1: 5 Spots, 10 Makes

(3 players needed)

Shooting Drill 1 (Beg 1)

Instructions: Get your rhythm going by taking shots from top-wing-corner, corner wing, alternating left/right step in and then right/left until 10 shots are made. If at any point 5 consecutive shots are missed, start the drill over. Every landing should include 3 bounces with hands fully extended.

Purpose/Benefit: This drill creates a sense of rhythm in fluidity while getting warmed up. Players are able to stretch their kinetic chain while also over examining the body’s reaction to each step in. This awareness is crucial in going from a good to a great shooter.

Beginner #2: Shooting on the Move

Shooting Drill 2 Beg 2

Instructions: Players will move between the following spots using the proper inside foot technique on the move. When moving to the right the player will step in left-right and when moving to the left they will step in right-left.

  • Right corner to right wing
  • Elbow to Elbow
  • Left corner to left wing
  • Player will make 6 shots with two extended bounces on every follow through, analyzing balance and result.

Purpose/Benefit: This drill will teach how to best reach for the ball and step into the pass while quickly getting off a balanced shot with proper arc.