Is Baron Davis’ Time in Cleveland Coming to an End?

by November 28, 2011

The Cavs are expected to use the amnesty provison on Baron Davis and the nearly $30 million he’s owed over the next two seasons, which has both ESPN and the LA Times speculating that the Lakers might scoop the point guard off the waiver wire in 2012: “Davis dismissed talk of a homecoming to Los Angeles following an exhibition game to raise money for ‘Kids in Sports’ that he hosted Sunday at L.A. Southwest College. ‘Come on, don’t start that,’ he joked. He did not, however, dismiss the notion that he could be waived by the Cavaliers under the new CBA. ‘When the season starts, when training camp starts I’ll be a Cleveland Cavalier until they tell me otherwise,’ Davis said. ‘I know my name has come up with the amnesty thing, and a lot of people have said I’m going this place or I’m going that place. My whole thing is to be ready for the season to help any team that I’m on. I welcome any challenge.’ Davis said that his preference is to remain with the Cavaliers so that he can mentor young point guard Kyrie Irving, whom the team chose with the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NBA draft. ‘Having that opportunity to go to Cleveland and kind of like restart my career is something that I really cherish,’ he said. ‘But I know that it’s a business, and I know with my contract that it was going to be tough for the team to absorb my contract, so I’m sure I’ll be considered one of those players that is going to get amnestied.'”