Jason Kidd Says Lonzo Ball Should Change His Shot

by September 22, 2017
lonzo ball jason kidd change shot

While Jason Kidd thinks highly of Lonzo Ball‘s game, Kidd warned that Lonzo’s unorthodox shot could become a weakness for NBA defenses to exploit.

While guesting on the On Par Podcast, Kidd said Lonzo can “only go one way without [his shot] being defended well” (starting at 23:48):

Which player in the NBA do people say is the new Jason Kidd?


Kidd: “I guess the kid out of L.A. The Ball kid, Lonzo Ball. I guess he’s gotten a lot of comparison. Watching him in Vegas (at Summer League), he understands the floor, he understands the situation. He finds the open guy. Only time will tell. He might be better than I am.”


His shot looks so unorthodox. What do you do as a coach, do you try to fix that?


Kidd: “Yeah, I think you got to try to fix it because there’s going to be times when the defense is going to sit on it.


“Being a young player in this league, you don’t understand, How can I make the game easier for you? Because you rely on your talent.


“But as veterans, those words are key because if you can make the game easier for me, I can play longer and I can be more efficient.


“So for Ball, I think you got to look at him being able to work on the jump shot because of being able to only go one way without it being defended well.”

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