Jeremy Lin on Asian-American Stereotyping: ‘John Wall Was ‘Athletic’ And I Was ‘Deceptively Athletic”

Jeremy Lin spoke about Asian-American stereotypes, specifically, male Asian-American stereotypes in a group Q+A session in late March.

Lin says he was considered “deceptively athletic” before the 2010 NBA Draft, despite having tested with the fastest metrics, along with John Wall.

“Me and John Wall were the fastest people in the draft, but he was ‘athletic’ and I was ‘deceptively athletic.’


“I’ve been deceptively ‘whatever’ my whole life. That’s definitely an issue and we can just keep playing basketball.


“Hopefully we’ll just keep being good and breaking the stereotypes.”

Lin went on to say he believes that society will eventually change its views.

“I think we just need to keep being ourselves and the world will eventually come around and appreciate us Asians,” Lin said.

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