Joe Johnson ‘Honestly’ Believes the Brooklyn Nets Can Win the Title

by October 02, 2012

Joe Johnson spent years in Atlanta barely uttering a peep — most NBA fans probably don’t even know what his voice sounds like. But now that he’s in Brooklyn, Johnson can’t stop talking, and bragging about what the Nets could become. Joe Johnson claims that he truly believes his squad can win the NBA title in 2013. Per the NY Daily News: “I think we have a chance to win the whole thing this year,’ Joe Johnson said. ‘I’m not just saying it. I honestly believe it.’ Asked if he was somehow forgetting LeBron James’ Heat or the revamped Lakers, Johnson didn’t hesitate. ‘Definitely (we can beat those teams),’ Johnson said. ‘You have to go through these teams to win, right? I’m not sugar-coating anything. We understand Miami is the favorite. Nobody is picking us to win anything. We understand that. But I think our hard work is going to pay off. We have everything you could possibly want on a championship-caliber team.’ […] ‘Looking at our team, we have a great roster,’ forward Andray Blatche said. ‘We have a team that’s winning the title.’ Even the cautious Avery Johnson jumped on the championship convoy. ‘The goal is to win a championship this year,’ the coach said. ‘Are we a championship team right now? No. Do we have the potential to be one as the season progresses? Absolutely.'”