Karl-Anthony Towns Is ‘Not Shocked’ About Charlottesville

In the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Karl-Anthony Towns is speaking out about racism and bigotry in America.

In a terrific Players’ Tribune piece, Towns says that he was disappointed—”but not shocked“—by the deadly violence in Virginia.

As Towns accurately points out, “Our country is built on [racism].”

karl-anthony towns charlottesville

“There was one thing I didn’t feel about Charlottesville.


“I didn’t feel shocked by it.


“Yeah, I was disappointed but not shocked. It’s not a surprise to me that racism is alive and kicking in 2017.


“In Charlottesville, I think we saw a more visible form of racism. We don’t see it so public very often, but that kind of hate is sadly … kind of normal. Obviously I don’t mean normal as in acceptable. It’s not. It’s evil. I mean normal as in this is nothing new in our country. It’s something we experience or hear about growing up. America has been struggling with racism since Day One. Our country is built on this. It’s our history.”

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