Kendrick Perkins Unhappy With Scott Brooks’ Lineups

by June 20, 2012

OKC Thunder head coach Scott Brooks has come under fire throughout the NBA Finals for his questionable lineup decision, but that’s usually done by fans and the media. After last night’s heartbreaking loss in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Kendrick Perkins was critical of his coach. Per the Oklahoman: “It seems like they make plays and you guys don’t make plays. Was that the case again tonight? ‘I just don’t understand why we start out the first quarter the way we did, with the lineup that we had, and all of a sudden we change and adjust to what they had going on. So they won the last three quarters, and that’s what happened.’ So you’re talking about the group that went out there and got the 17-point lead wasn’t out there long enough? ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So we just gotta make sure that we play together. The series is not over. We just have to keep taking it one game at a time. We win Thursday and we’re back to Oklahoma City.'”