Kidz In The Hall

by December 30, 2008


by Konate Primus

A while back we had a pretty intense hip hop discussion on here and I remember a few people mentioning all these artist and groups I wasn’t familiar with. And as I’m working on my farewell ’08 post I went searching all those artist people brought up in that discussion and I came across a few good mentions, and allot of bad/really whack ones I.E gucci gucci! But what I felt I should share with you hip hop fanatics is this short interesting documentary about the Kidz in the Hall on tour.  I downloaded some of there tunes and, well I like what I heard for the most part. Check em out they are definitely not your average rap duo. A few other cats stood out to me as well when I was doing my “research” but you’ll read all about that tomorrow .

Some unsigned guys you should keep a ear out for J.Cole, and A.D.H …. allot of talent in those right there.