Knicks Sticking With Struggling Duhon

by November 27, 2009

Everyone else on the planet knows that Chris Duhon is terrible, but the Knicks (especially his coach, Mike D’Antoni) are still in denial: “Eventually a slump  becomes a standard. Perhaps Chris Duhon’s strong first half last season was the exception rather than the rule. If that’s the case, what he’s shown in most of the calendar year of 2009 – especially in these first 15 games of the season – should be cause for concern for the Knicks, whose anemic offense has had them on the ropes well before Dec. 1. ‘I’m worried about it now,’ Mike D’Antoni said. ‘I think he’s worried. I’m worried. But he’s the guy that can get up to a level that can bring us back. And we’re going to stick there until you can’t stick anymore. I’m sticking with him.’ D’Antoni said he won’t bench Duhon because ‘he’s our best option’ at the point guard position. This is said only after the franchise opted not to sign Allen Iverson and hand the offense – read: the ball – over to him. How fatal that decision was to this season remains painfully evident with every shot that Duhon misses and every bounce pass on a pick-and-roll that he throws too low or off the foot of a teammate.”