Kobe Bryant Blamed Fatigue for Lakers’ Loss in Detroit

Kobe Bryant thinks it was largely fatigue that doomed the Lakers in Detroit, as they suffered one of their worst losses of the season to the lowly Pistons. (I blame the ridiculously hilarious black mask Bryant wore at the start of the contest.) From the LA Times: “Bryant blamed his woeful eight-for-26 shooting night on fatigue related to the whiplash injury and concussion he suffered in the All-Star game. He played with incredible efficiency in his first three games after a hard foul from Dwyane Wade that also caused a broken nose. But he disintegrated Tuesday after ditching the clear mask he had been wearing for a black mask with smaller dimensions. He missed five of his first six shots and traded the black mask for an equally small clear version. Nothing helped. His one solid moment, a 19-footer that sent the game to overtime with the score tied at 78-78, was quickly forgotten after he missed all three of his overtime attempts. He finished with 22 points. ‘Everybody just kind of played tired,’ Bryant said. ‘I definitely was a little tired. I should have stayed in bed like I’ve been doing instead of coming to shoot-around [Tuesday] morning.'”