Kris Humphries, Five Guys Enthusiast/Part-Owner

by June 23, 2011

While most basketball players will be sitting around, wondering what to do with themselves if (when?) the NBA locks out next season, Kris Humphries will have plenty on his plate, including running the Five Guys he owns with his family. Via Men’s Health: “This was back when the economy was questionable. We were all sitting around thinking of businesses to invest in, and I remembered a former coach of mine when I was in Toronto who owned a bunch of Wendy’s franchises. He was always telling me to get involved in fast food, so my parents did the due diligence and looked into all the different franchises, and we found our fit in Five Guys. It was new at the time, and the food is always prepared fresh—they don’t have freezers, and all they make is burgers, fries, and beef hot dogs. We felt like they really perfected that kind of niche in the market. Obviously my involvement in the franchises is not as high as my parents, but I’m still involved in all the operations. They keep me filled in with every move they make, and I’ll go in during the summer, work a little bit, and do all the training I need so when the day comes and I’m no longer playing basketball, I can fully handle the business. Any time you’re running a business, you have to first know what it’s like on the inside for all the other workers.”