Kristaps Porzingis Had Cornrows: ‘All the Girls Loved it’

by October 22, 2015

New York Knicks rookie big man Kristaps Porzingis was the 13-year-old Latvian version of Allen Iverson seven years ago, his head adorned with fresh cornrows.

Porzingis defends the look today, saying the ladies loved it back then.

Porzingis’s first hoops coach blessed the Internet with images of the kid’s amazing hairdo.

Per the NY Daily News:

“I loved the look,” the Knicks rookie said, “and all the girls loved it.”


“I wore that for like two years,” he explained before Thursday’s preseason finale against the Celtics. “I think like nine to 12 (years old), maybe like 13 even, something like that.”


If you thought it’d be hard to get a good cornrow braiding in Latvia, think again. Porzingis said he was re-braided almost every week to keep his rows fresh. […] “My hair would not look good after a week,” he said. “I remember it was painful.”