Kyrie Irving and Head Coach Byron Scott to Have a 3-Point Shootout

by February 12, 2013

Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving is certainly no stranger to challenging much older folks to 1-on-1 duels. Cavs head coach Byron Scott seems to think he can take on Irving from behind the arc. They’re supposed to battle it out at practice today. Per the Plain Dealer: “‘I just read something today where coach Scott unofficially challenged me,’ Irving said before the game against the Wolves. ‘That’s something a third-place winner would do, go behind my back and challenge me. The challenge is supposed to be [Tuesday]. I’m looking forward to it. I’m getting up early and doing my pushups.’ Irving, who will take part in the 3-point shootout during All-Star Weekend for the first time, was referring to Scott’s third-place finish in the contest in 1988. Scott came in last in his first appearance in 1987. ‘It’s really, basically, to show him how the contest is done,’ Scott said. ‘Like I said the other day, 60 seconds is a long time, so he doesn’t have to rush. He can take his time and get all five balls from each spot. You get that done in 60 seconds pretty easy.’ The main problem is that Irving is 20. Scott is 51. The coach is still confident. ‘It’s like riding a bike,’ he said. ‘You never forget how to do it. … I think I’ve got a good shot,’ Scott said. ‘My only problem is if I get tired. That’s a lot of shots for a guy who doesn’t shoot that much right now. That’s my biggest challenge. I said I’m going to get two chances at it because I’m old. I’m going to go around twice and we’ll take my best score and see if you can beat it. He said, ‘Well you can just add up both of your scores and I can probably beat it.’ He’s talking a lot. So, we’ll see.'”