Kyrie Irving Refuses to Speculate on Byron Scott’s Job Security

by April 08, 2013

Everyone seems to be speculating on whether or not Byron Scott will get fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer. Kyrie Irving won’t comment, but there’s no mistaking that he has grown increasingly frustrated as the Cavs’ season swirls down the drain. Per the Plain Dealer: “Asked whether he supports his embattled coach and would be disappointed if he were fired, Kyrie Irving said little about the topic before Sunday’s game at The Q. ‘Until that time comes I’m not really worried about it,’ Irving said. ‘To even imagine that, I’m not going down that road. I’m focused on finishing the season with him and that’s all that matters right now.’ It’s believed Scott still has the support of the Cavs’ best player despite a brutal stretch that saw them snap a season-high 10-game losing streak Friday in Boston. Irving often has credited the coach for helping him through a first season that culminated with Rookie of the Year honors. Fellow second-year teammate Tristan Thompson strongly backed Scott on Thursday, a day after Brooklyn routed the Cavs, 113-95. ‘All the rumors about coach Scott and hot seat and all that crap, that’s bogus,’ Thompson said. ‘It’s up to us to come out and compete and play hard because we’re the ones out there.'”