Larry Brown Wants MJ to Buy the Bobcats

And why wouldn’t he? Jordan did hire Larry to coach the team, after all: “I’m trying my hardest to get this thing done,’ Brown quoted Jordan as telling him last Tuesday, when Jordan attended a home game against the Washington Wizards. Brown’s comments, following a night-time practice Monday, were in reaction to NBA Commissioner David Stern’s remarks Saturday that it’s likely the team would be sold in roughly 60 days. Asked by the Observer if he’d favor Jordan buying control, Stern replied: ‘I like the level, the increased level, of Michael’s involvement and if Michael were to be a buyer, that would be a good thing.’ … ‘I’m hopeful that at the end of the day (after a sale) Michael will be running the Bobcats,’ Brown said at the first team practice following All-Star break. Brown said he would welcome any closure on the ownership issue. ‘Anytime I read a possibility Michael isn’t going to be involved, it impacts my family and me. I came here because of him – no other reason,’ Brown said. ‘After I got here, I realized there are a lot of real pluses to being here. But I wouldn’t have thought about’ coaching the Bobcats had Jordan not asked.”