Last Minute Gift Guide

by December 19, 2008


by Konate Primus

Were you holding out on getting those presents this year because of the the horrible economy? No prob, its not to late to grab a few things for you loved ones. Its no secret that this holiday season will be a rough one, money is tight for everyone. Some of you might get the knock off version of what you really want, some of you might get part of what you desire and some of you may not gifts at all. But that is no reason for you to feel down about the season. You should take this time and appreciate all the blessings you have for example: Instead of complaining about the job you hate going to everyday be thankful you still have a job when 500,000 people were laid off in November alone. Instead of complaining about how ridiculous this Marbury-Knicks beef is be thankful they actually are winning games and working towards a bright future. You see where I’m going, it’s the times when you have nothing that make the time when you have a lil something seem like the world to you. So even if you cant get everything you want for the holidays choose carefully.

For the next couple of days I’ll be hitting you with holiday gift ideas so keep checking back and let folks know what you want!

Sneakers are always good for gifts. Some folks wear sneakers everyday and have an abundance like myself and there are other who don’t see the need to buy more than one pair of sneakers every two years or so. We generally call them animal but that another story (just kidding folks). This doesn’t mean they don’t like em and appreciate sneakers it often means they are willing to spend other peoples money on Kicks or they don’t need to wear sneakers on a daily basis because of their lifestyle. Last but not least there are people who buy shoes to throw  at presidents, if you know anyone that fits in any of these categories here’s a couple of cool one’s for you to rock or get rocked!

Both the Coney Island Ventilator and Pump Exclusively sold @ Reebok store.

Next post on electronics but enjoy these for now.