LeBron James Named All-Star Game MVP In Comeback Win

LeBron James led Team LeBron to a 148-145 win against Team Stephen en route to earning his third career All-Star Game MVP.

Team LeBron trailed by 13 points with 6:30 left in the fourth before going on a 13-3 run and closing the gap.

LeBron hit a three-pointer with 34 seconds left for the lead, and a Russell Westbrook layup put Team LeBron up by 3 with 10.7 seconds remaining.

Team Stephen had a chance to tie the game on the final possession, but LeBron and Kevin Durant suffocated Stephen Curry into passing the pill.

LeBron finished with 29 points (on 12-17 shooting) with 10 boards and 8 dimes, and set the tone for the most competitive and fun All-Star Game in a minute.

Durant finished with 19 points; Westbrook had 11, 8 and 8; Paul George had 16; and Kyrie Irving dropped 13 points with 9 dimes (while putting on an impressive dribbling display).

Damian Lillard (21 points, 9-14 FG) and Joel Embiid (19 points, 8-13 FG) showed out for Team Stephen.

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