Magic Johnson Wants the Lakers to Shoot Fewer Three-Pointers

by August 01, 2014

Mike D’Antoni is no longer around — smile, Magic! – and that gives hope to a very important (and loud) voice in LakerLand.

Magic Johnson shares new head coach Byron Scott’s optimism for the team coming off an abysmal 27-win season, and says he hopes they get away from the habit of hoisting up so many threes.

Per the LA Times:

“Dr. Buss was going to make Byron the coach when Phil didn’t know what he was going to do” in 2010, said Johnson. “Byron took the Cleveland job, and he took it too early. I called and said: ‘B., you took the job too early. Dr. Buss wanted you to be the coach.”


“The team is better than what we had last season, because we have more guys who can do more things than just shoot three-pointers,” said Johnson. “If I don’t see another three-pointer from a Laker team, I’ll be happy.”


While Johnson still holds the title of vice president, he is no longer a Lakers owner or on the team’s payroll. Instead, the Hall of Famer is part owner of the Dodgers. “The Lakers are still the No. 1 team in the city,” said Johnson. “The Dodgers second. It’s always going to be like that until somebody wins some championships.” […] “It messes up my whole year when the Lakers are not successful,” he said.