McHale Asked to Stay Away from Predraft Workouts

by June 02, 2009

Not exactly a vote of confidence for the T-Wolves coach: “NBA executives Larry Bird and Danny Ainge on Monday attended predraft workouts organized by the Timberwolves at Target Center. But former Celtics teammate Kevin McHale was missing…Until it’s determined whether McHale will coach next season, [new president of basketball operations David Kahn] said the presence of the man who has led the Wolves for the past 15 years would be too awkward during these predraft workouts. ‘We’re still very much in a process to determine if he — or whoever — will coach,’ Kahn said. ‘Until that process plays itself out, I think it would put too much pressure on him, and it’d probably make it very uncomfortable with other people here. I think it’s not appropriate yet until we resolve it. It’d be more appropriate once we have it resolved.'”