McMillan, Miller Don’t Like Each Other Much

by January 08, 2010

If they did, an expletive-filled shouting match between the two wouldn’t have erupted at practice yesterday: “Trail Blazers practice on Thursday was halted nearly 60 minutes into the workout when veteran point guard Andre Miller and coach Nate McMillan engaged in a shouting match that lasted for nearly 30 minutes. Miller shouted throughout the exchange, and McMillan mostly listened, but at times broke in with shouting of his own. One of the topics discussed was an incident late in Tuesday’s game with Memphis, when Miller told Jerryd Bayless to make his second free throw with 4.3 seconds left and the Blazers trailing by two. The coaching staff and team captain Brandon Roy told Bayless to miss the free throw so the Blazers could attempt to rebound and make a tying basket.”