Michael Jordan Beat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist One-on-One

by February 16, 2013

The legend continues to build his legacy. MKG told CSN Houston on Friday that Michael Jordan, who turns 50 this weekend, challenged the rookie to a game of one-on-one after practice about a month ago. Kidd-Gilchrist confessed that he lost to MJ: “‘He did play me 1-on-1 one time,’ Kidd-Gilchrist said on Friday morning before playing on Team Shaq in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday night. ‘And it was hard for me … I lost. I lost to a 50-year-old guy. That’s my boss, though. He’s the best player to play the game.’ But Kidd-Gilchrist didn’t lose to a 50-year-old. He lost to a 49-year-old. Jordan doesn’t turn 50 until Sunday. ‘Yeah. Of course,’ he said when asked if he thought he was going to beat Jordan. ‘I don’t think I’m gonna lose. I mean, he is 50.’ Did Kidd-Gilchrist even really lose, though. Or did he let his boss beat him? ‘No,’ he said emphatically. ‘No. I didn’t allow him to beat me. Because that’s my boss? Nah.’ Jordan recently talked about trying to get back down to his playing weight with Wright Thompson for an in-depth ESPN story. The story, along with the well-known competitive nature of Jordan, has sparked some debate and rumors about a possible comeback for Jordan, who is already in the Hall of Fame. ‘That wouldn’t shock me at all,’ Kidd-Gilchrist said about a possible Jordan comeback. ‘He still has it. He does.'”