Mike Brown, Mitch Kupchak Not Too Concerned With Andrew Bynum’s Attitude

by April 04, 2012

With word of Andrew Bynum’s fine from the team (due to numerous behavioral issues) having leaked, Lakers head coach Mike Brown and GM Mitch Kupchak faced the media, and did a little bit of damage control. From the LA Times: “It’s an internal matter,’ Brown said, declining to elaborate. ‘Just because you guys found out about this, to overreact, I’m not about to do that right now.’ When Brown was asked whether he thinks Bynum has an attitude problem, he said ‘No. I know that when I was in San Antonio, we fined guys for certain things and, I mean, I don’t think anybody would say the year we won the championship in 2003 that anybody, maybe one guy, anybody but one guy on our team had an attitude problem.’ […] ‘Sometimes with young players I get disappointed and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised,’ Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said. ‘Andrew continues to have a mix of good moments and maybe not-so-good moments. But he’s very bright, a really intelligent kid.’ Kupchak said he ‘absolutely’ envisioned Bynum with the Lakers down the road. ‘Despite some of the events of the last week or two, nothing has changed about our forward approach with Andrew,’ Kupchak said.”