Mikhail Prokhorov Denies Involvement in Zimbabwe

by April 13, 2010

Prokhorov and the League fired back at the politician in Jersey calling for an investigation into Mikhail’s business dealings, and the Star-Ledger has the quotes: “Prokhorov’s corporation, Onexim Group, issued a statement calling the New York Post report that on which Pascrell based his allegation ‘erroneous,’ insisting that ‘the company and all its holdings have always been in strict compliance with all United States and European rules regarding Zimbabwe and we have no dealings whatsoever with companies or individuals on the sanctions list.’ The NBA, which came under criticism by Pascrell for a lax vetting process, took it a step further: The league said Pascrell had the wrong interpretation of the law. ‘U.S. companies are not prohibited from doing business in Zimbabwe; rather, they are prohibited from conducting business with specifically identified individuals or entities in that country,’ the league said in a statement. ‘The NBA is aware of no information that Mr. Prokhorov is engaged in business dealings with any of these individuals or entities.’ The statement reiterated that Prokhorov’s application is ‘still on track to be voted on by the NBA Board of Governors once a firm date is set for the State of New York to take full possession of the arena site.”’