Mikhail Prokhorov Elected Head of Russian Political Party

by June 27, 2011

The New Jersey Nets’ owner has successfully jumped into Russian politics, and may have his eye on the top political gig in the country at some point down the line. The NY Times reports: “The billionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team, Mikhail D. Prokhorov, was elected leader of a Russian political party on Saturday in the first foray of a big businessman into politics here in nearly a decade. Tall, lithe and an avid basketball player himself, Mr. Prokhorov had been publicity shy for years, mostly confining his appearances outside the boardroom to sports events. Recently, though, he has become a magnet for attention, and is poised to play a significant though still uncertain role in Russian politics. A head taller than most people at the party conference in a business center festooned with posters and political slogans, such as ‘Freedom, Justice and Order,’ Mr. Prokhorov strode about shaking hands, cracking jokes and drawing glances. Intriguingly, Mr. Prokhorov, who is 46 and known as ‘the bachelor billionaire’ for his penchant for attending parties at nightclubs with Russian models, did not rule out a possible run for president. But he said Saturday that any decision would come after parliamentary elections in December and would depend on how his party, Right Cause, performed in that voting.”