Mikhail Prokhorov Moves on to ‘Plan B’

by July 14, 2010

He and the Nets failed to land a marquee free agent this summer, but Prokhorov remains optimistic. From Nets Daily (h/t reader Gerard): “As for free agency, he says the Nets’ Plan ‘A’ was limited to three players–LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Once they were gone, the team moved to Plan ‘B’, giving young players ‘the best chance for progress’ while preparing for ‘any opportunities on the market’. He understands fans’ concerns, but adds, ‘I want to reassure you that all of the goals we have set for our team will be achieved.’ As for the ideal candidate for team president, Prokhorov said he should ‘be respected in the League, very ambitious and able to work well with Avery Johnson’ who he described as ‘a killer coaching coach’. Finally, when asked about improving fan experience in Newark, Prokhorov planted tongue firmly in cheek and responded, ‘We’re looking at hiring the Red Army choir to perform at half-time along with Russia’s top dancing bear collective. Not to mention the Russian spies recently sent back to Moscow. We will be organizing their comeback tour to Newark. I’m sure it will be a great hit.”‘

UPDATE: “Plan B” apparently involves hiring Billy King to run the show. Yikes: “Breaking: Billy King accepts Nets’ executive position, will be named @ Thursday press conference.”