NBA Doesn’t Agree that Dwyane Wade Traveled on Game-Winner

by December 30, 2011

Dwyane Wade’s game-winning shot against the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night drew the attention of a few bloggers, who accused the Miami Heat star of traveling, hilariously prompting the League to explain to the viewing public why they thought he didn’t commit a violation: “Wade banked in a short jumper with 2.9 seconds left, and the Heat held on for a 96-95 victory. Because he appeared to make an extra move forward between stopping and releasing the ball, there was speculation he should have been called for a traveling violation. But spokesman Tim Frank explains Thursday that: ‘Wade gathers the ball with his right foot on the floor, and step one is when both feet touch the floor simultaneously. He then steps with his right foot for step two.’ A video explanation of the play is posted at”