Nick Young Says Byron Scott’s Criticism is ‘a Little Unfair’

Los Angeles Lakers forward Nick Young will get head coach Byron Scott off his back until next season, due to a fractured left kneecap that he’s been nursing the past six weeks.

Scott was very unhappy with Young’s erratic play in their first year working together, but Swaggy P isn’t sweating his coach’s harsh words.

Young says the criticism is somewhat unfair, and that he’s taking it “with a grain of salt.”

Per the LA Daily News:

Lakers coach Byron Scott reiterated Saturday that Young needs to return with a more balanced game, one that includes passing and defense to supplement his high-volume shooting. With Young averaging 13.4 points per game this season on a career-low 36.6-percent shooting, Scott also threatened to reduce his minutes if the Lakers upgrade their roster this summer.


“I’m used to it right now, hearing what Byron has to say,” said Young, who is in the first season of a four-year deal worth $21.5 million. “I take it with a grain of salt.”


Does Young take Scott’s words as valuable feedback? […] “Nah,” Young said. “I don’t know. I feel like it’s just a target toward me. It’s a little unfair. But it’s cool.” […] “I’m trying to stay in shape. I don’t want to get fat,” Young said. “I’ll continue to work out, work hard and stay Swaggy.”