Nick Young: ‘We Can’t Let One Guy Determine Everything’

In the grand sadness that is the 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers, improbably, Nick Young has emerged as the lonely voice of reason.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday night following the Lakers’ 111-77 spanking in Oakland, Swaggy P said the Lakers don’t play team ball and tend to let “one guy” dictate the offense.

After Wednesday’s practice, Young added that the Lakers rely too much on one-on-one action and that the Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant-led crew has no offensive identity whatsoever.

From the team website:

The team has topped 100 points just once in its last nine games, and has shot worse than 38 percent in back-to-back contests. […] According to Nick Young, this has to do with sluggish ball movement, which he says has resulted in a lack of offensive identity.


“Right now I don’t believe we have one,” Young said at Wednesday’s practice. “We have a lot of one-on-one players, including myself. I think that’s one of the major parts of why our offense is so stagnant.”


Indeed, L.A.’s players have tried to take matters into their own hands, as a league-high 10.8 percent of possessions have been in isolation. But playing outside the offense hasn’t worked for the Lakers, as they have shot just 30.4 percent (41-of-135) on those iso attempts. […] “It’s tough out there,” Young said. “We’ve got to find our identity. Like I’ve been saying, everybody’s a great one-on-one player, but we’ve got to work on team ball.”

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