Orlando Won’t Let Atlanta’s Nightlife Distract Them

by May 09, 2010

As the Orlando Sentinel reports: ‘The Magic will spend three nights in the city, a legendary NBA hot-spot…Before their 4 1/2-day playoff trip last season to Atlanta, the Miami Heat installed a ‘no-go-out policy.’ Team captains Dwyane Wadeand Udonis Haslem threatened to fine revelers. ‘It’s not really a curfew,’ Haslem said. ‘But we’ve got eyes everywhere.’ The Magic say they aren’t about to fall to Atlanta’s reputation, even with a [3-0] lead in the playoff series. The club’s security detail is on alert because Howard, a graduate of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, is returning home. Other than that, the team is looking at it as a business trip. Point guard Anthony Johnson played for the Hawks and lives in Atlanta during the offseason. He knows its temptation can create a distraction. ‘It can be, similar to Miami, similar to New York City, similar to L.A.,’ Johnson said. ‘I would worry about it more in the regular-season than the postseason. With the kind of guys we have, I don’t think the nightlife in Atlanta before Game 3 is an issue.'”