Pau Gasol Finds Irony in Possible Trade for Andrew Bynum

by January 02, 2014

With Andrew Bynum’s days in Cleveland clearly numbered, the Cavaliers are doing all they can to get rid of the big fella. It’s a long shot, but they may have a taker in the Los Angeles Lakers, in exchange for Pau Gasol. The struggling Gasol finds himself in the trade rumor mill once again, and thinks it’s a bit ironic that he could be on the move.


Gasol could be on the move again, once more for a player whose greatest appeal is his expiring contract. Andrew Bynum’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers is what some call a “super-expiring” contract, because it isn’t fully guaranteed. The Lakers can acquire Bynum, waive him and get rid of the remaining half of his $12.5 million contract — saving themselves $20 million including luxury tax expenditures in the process.

“It’s not easy,” Gasol said. “As much as I’m used to it after three years of several [years of potential trades], it’s not easy.”

“If something happens, so be it,” Gasol said. “If it doesn’t, I’ll just try to do a better job of trying to help our team have the best chance possible. It’s kind of out of my control. I’d like to continue to be here. It’s been my home for the good and the bad and everything else. I can’t control what ownership and the franchise want to do in moving forward. We’re struggling right now, and that doesn’t help.”

Now Bynum could be coming back to L.A. to replace Gasol … on the spreadsheet more than the court.

“Those coincidences happen,” Gasol said. “My brother was traded for me. That was kind of ironic. Life’s going to have those ironic moments at times.”