Pau Gasol: Lakers Only Need a Roster ‘Tweak’

Pau Gasol, who has been the subject of numerous trade rumors this season, says his squad doesn’t need any major changes prior to the deadline. From ESPN: “The team is doing well. We’re winning, we’re moving on, and now people are starting to talk that we don’t need a major trade,’ Gasol said after shootaround on Tuesday. ‘We just need a tweak here and there. Or a piece that can make us better for later. That’s what you hear because we’re winning. But if we would’ve lost three of the last six games instead of winning them, then you’d hear, ‘They definitely need a major trade.’ So, anyway … I guess March 15 is closer. I know it’s coming. It’s only, what? Nine days. So no matter what, in nine days, we’ll have an answer no matter what. That’s the good thing. Hopefully after that we can put everything behind us.'”