Pistons Void Trade for Donatas Motiejunas

The Detroit Pistons had concerns about Donatas Motiejunas and his injured back after acquiring him late last week in a three-team swap, and asked the NBA for an extension to review their options.

They have now officially nixed the trade.

Motiejunas has only appeared in 18 games (between the NBA and D-League) this season.

Per the Detroit Free Press:

After the team’s loss to New Orleans, Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said the team had asked for and received a 24-hour extension because trades have to be completed within 72 hours after they are announced.


If the extension had been denied, the trade would have been voided, Motiejunas and (Marcus) Thornton would return to Houston, and (Joel) Anthony would head back to Detroit. Thornton has passed his physical but can’t play or practice.


“You can ask for an extension to go over medical information,” said Van Gundy before Sunday’s game. “We’ve got a lot of doctors involved so we need more time. We need the approval of the other team, with Houston. But we don’t have an answer yet.”