Portland Trailblazers Open to Trading Andre Miller?

Portland’s front-office says there’s a lot of interest in Miller’s services around the L, and they’re willing to listen to offers. From CBS Sports: “Speaking from the team’s Tualatin practice facility on Thursday, Blazers Acting GM Chad Buchanan said that while the team values Miller’s play, it is keeping its options open. ‘We’ve spoken with Andre a little bit,’ Buchanan said. ‘Obviously he’s aware of what his contract situation is. He knows how we feel about him. We’re going to see as we listen around the league. There’s a lot of interest in Andre for various reasons. At the same time, we value him and realize what he’s done for us the last two years. There’s a lot of respect around the league for Andre. Both for what he’s done for us in his entire career, people talk about his age but the guy hasn’t missed a game in seven or eight years.’ Teams could be interested in Miller for two reasons. First, as a steady veteran point guard (starting or back-up) who can still produce at a rate that makes the $7.8 million figure not look totally outrageous. Second, the non-guaranteed nature of his deal means that it functions as an expiring contract to facilitate a draft day move. Trading for Miller could help a team match salaries or dump a contract on or around the draft day before waiving him prior to June 30, avoiding any future salary commitment. Reading between the lines, the Blazers seem to be exploring their options and approaching Miller as their fall-back option at point guard. ‘If Andre is back as our point guard next year we’re very happy with that,’ Buchanan said. ‘Like any other player, if there’s a chance to improve your team, you’re going to listen to what offers are out here.'”