Post Pics of SLAM 174 on Twitter and Instagram With the Hashtag #mySLAM


Paul George cover of SLAM Magazine

We’ve told you this before, but after each new issue of ours drops, we tend to get tons of mentions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from readers sending us pics of their copy of our new ish. And we love all of ’em!

With SLAM 174 out this week—covered by Paul George, who just so happens to be playing incredibly—we figure some of you might be pretty excited about our newest offering hitting your mailbox (or local newsstand) in the coming few days. Pretty good timing, eh? So on any of the aforementioned social media networks, post a dope pic of your mag—or of you with your mag in your reading environment—and use the hashtag #mySLAM, that way we can find it easily. You might see us favorite, retweet, like or even run your photo in next issue’s Trash Talk section.