Raptors Willing to Trade Chris Bosh to Cleveland?

by July 06, 2010

ESPN has sources claiming Toronto is ready to pull the trigger on a big trade, and LeBron James is actively involved in the recruiting process. Hmm: “Everything is set for Chris Bosh to join LeBron James in Cleveland. Everything, that is, except Bosh’s approval. The Toronto Raptors have told the Cleveland Cavaliers they will do a sign-and-trade with them for Bosh, according to several league sources. The exact details of the potential trade have not been solidified, but Toronto likely would get Anderson Varejao and/or J.J. Hickson, Delonte West and perhaps Anthony Parker. A draft pick could be involved as well. Both James and Bosh are aware that such a trade is possible, and James has tried to recruit Bosh to the Cavaliers several times in the past few weeks, according to sources. But right now, Bosh remains cold to the idea of playing in Cleveland.”