Ray Allen: ‘I Don’t Have Any Ill-Will’ Toward Celtics Teammates

by September 11, 2017
ray allen celtics

After leaving the Celtics in 2012, Ray Allen has been rejected in Boston—by both fans and former teammates alike.

But after making peace with Paul Pierce over the weekend, Allen could be heading toward reclamation as a Celtic.

In an interview with Tencent, Allen stated that he has no “ill will” toward his former teammates (starting at 5:36):

“I haven’t said anything negative about those guys in the five or six years since I’ve been gone. It seemed like it was a year or two ago.


“So I don’t have any ill will.


“When I left, I was a free agent. It’s disheartening when you hear things negatively that people say about you because when you win, you’re in love.


“You love each other, and the families are in close-knit proximity at all times.


“We won together. When you win together, you always share that bond. That to me, has never changed.”

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