Ray Allen Set to Rejoin the Boston Celtics’ Lineup

by April 04, 2012

The Celtics are playing well of late, and they’ll be getting an additional boost in the form of one Ray Allen tonight. Per the Boston Herald: “The Celtics have worked into a good chemistry without Ray Allen, and now, thanks to a different kind of chemistry, the veteran guard is expected back in the lineup tonight against San Antonio. Allen had a cortisone shot in his right ankle Sunday and will end a run of six missed games — the last five Celtics wins. And despite how well the first unit has been working with Avery Bradley in his place, coach Doc Rivers announced that Allen will start. ‘We think about stuff like that all the time,’ Rivers said when asked if he’d given any thought to bringing Allen off the bench. ‘We thought about that and other guys for the last three years. We think about it and talk about it. We’ll see how it goes, and if not, we will (make a change). But we like what we have.’ Allen has twice gone through shootaround expecting to play, only to be forced to pull back. Yesterday he said was different. ‘Oh, yeah,’ Allen said. ‘Going through shootaround and kind of favoring it and holding it and feeling different feelings, you know, wincing — I didn’t deal with that at all (yesterday). My legs felt great. I had a shot in the ankle on (Sunday) and I had all day to kind of let it maneuver through my body. (Yesterday) I walked in and I just felt like I had two new wheels. I never like taking shots or taking medicine. I try to do everything as natural as I possibly can. Sometimes your body needs a kick in the right direction. Physically the time off was good. My ankle was kind of (ticked) off, so I kind of gave it a little help.'”