Ron Artest’s Brother Beefs With Trevor Ariza

by May 23, 2010

A few weeks ago, Ron Artest had a little Twitter spat with Phil Jackson. This time it’s Daniel Artest, Ron’s brother, sparking up Twitter beef. Kevin Ding has the full breakdown: “I was in San Antonio two months ago and was asked unsolicited by Trevor Ariza via Twitter to “name ‘em” after I’d made a comment from my KevinDing Twitter account that Ron Artest was better than Ariza ‘in so many ways.’ (My response: Hey, Trev. My opinion? At this pt in your career, Ron has edges in 1-on-1 D, team D, rebounding, passing, some aspects of shooting.) Ariza spoke up Thursday night via Twitter again when Daniel Artest, Ron’s brother, had Tweeted strong comments about Ron Artest being a better player than Ariza, whom the Lakers let go after last season and replaced with Artest. You can check their respective Twitter timelines (Daniel Artest’s and Ariza’s) for the full conversation, but Ariza was annoyed in the same way as two months ago with me at ongoing comparisons between the players. This, however, was a little personal — with one of the first, strong statements Ariza wrote to Daniel Artest was: “what r u doing with ur life.”