Roy Hibbert Didn’t Shake Hands With Miami After Game 7 Since He Doesn’t Know Them

After a blowout Game 7 win for the Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers players and coaches walked over and congratulated the victors following a long, bitter series. Well, most Pacers did anyway. Roy Hibbert and David West were notable exeptions, and they have their reasons for walking off the floor without shaking the opponents’ hands. Per the Indy Star: “Roy Hibbert and David West – like Boston’s Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo last season – weren’t interested with shaking hands, giving daps or giving hugs to the Heat. For West, it’s simple. He’s old school. He’s like the players in the 1980’s. He doesn’t have time to be buddies with his opponent. That’s why West never shook hands with any Heat players during the 10 meetings this season. For Hibbert, it was different. He’s never played with any of the Heat players. He respects them, but it wasn’t the time to be crashing their party. ‘I know some of our guys have played on teams with some of them, but I don’t know them personally,’ Hibbert explained. ‘It was their moment because they won. I have tremendous respect for them, but I don’t know any of those guys personally and I didn’t want to interrupt their moment.'”