Safe to Say, Lou Williams is No Andre Miller

We were stunned when the Sixers let Andre Miller walk so easily this summer. We were even more shocked when they passed on Ty Lawson and Eric Maynor, two PGs who could’ve made immediate impacts, for Jrue Holiday in the Draft. The 76ers were sure that Lou Williams could shift over to the PG spot. So sure they didn’t hedge their bet on it at all.

With the season almost over, two things are now clear (at least according to the Philly Inquirer): The Sixers missed Andre Miller immensely all year; and Lou Williams is no point guard.

“[T]he experiment failed.

Experiment Lou Williams Point Guard has been unsuccessful for more than one reason. It will be abandoned.

The reasons for failure?

Williams was promoted to starting point guard within an offense that clearly doesn’t fit his style, or the styles of his teammates. In essence, he was given the keys to a lemon; the engine just wouldn’t turn over for him.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, now the question is: Will Lou Williams be able to readjust to being a spark off the bench next season, or has he been spoiled?